Founding Members


Who We Are

The following individuals came together in 1999 in Dallas Texas to form what has become our esteemed Club:

>  HRH Eze & Ugoeze Walter Ekwu

>  Mr. & Mrs. Leo Nwonumah

>  Chief and Chief (Mrs.) Pius Okorie

>  Chief Stanley Ekwu

>  Nze Collins Ikwuagwu

>  Mr. & Mrs. Sunny Ikwuagwu

>  Mr. Charles Iroha

>  Mr. John Onyejiaka

>  Sir Don Obi-Okafor (RIP)

>  Mr. & Mry Jerry Atuba (inactive)

>  Chief Ody Onwuma (inactive)

>  Mrs. Julie Arukwe (inactive)

 The founding chapter is home to the secretariat of the Club.

Enyimba Social Club USA, Inc.

Our Mission

Enyimba Social Club USA, Inc. was established to accomplish the following mission:

  1. To foster interactions between individuals who previously resided in Aba in eastern Nigeria, and now live in the United States.
  2. To create opportunities for socio-economic networking and  development among members.
  3. To support one another at times life milestone events and occurrence of live-changing events.

Enyimba Social Club USA, Inc. is a social club with membership consisting of friends and their immediate families who migrated to the US from the city of Aba in eastern Nigeria.  Membership since the Clubs formation in 1999 is exclusive to individuals meeting the Aba residency criteria. The slogan of the Club is Peace and Love. 

The Club has prospered through its formative years and is now well established in five (5) cities across the United States.  This growth was possible due to the strong leadership the Club has enjoyed as well as the motto of the Club which has been embodied by members across all the affiliate chapters.

The goals of the Club are:

(a) To foster brotherhood and friendship amongst members and others,

(b) To build strong ties and to encourage a high level of moral discipline, and

(c) To help patronize and encourage each other in all lawful endeavors.